product description

Evaporator's are specially designed for heat-sensitive materials. that’s the reason due to which evaporators are highly used in chemical industries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymer industries, and the industry producing low viscous products. it is highly preferred where organic compound is with water and release large amounts of foul while processing. it acted as a unique type of heat exchanger. heating media is placed on the shell side. its circulation loop is well fitted with the high flow circulation pump.

Evaporators are highly used for mixtures which have commonly low viscosity and produces a very little amount of odor during the treatment. The Evaporators works on the factor of usage of vacuum and short residence time duration.

Vikrant Heat Exchangers Pvt. Ltd. manufacture's equipment to give excellent output for all dilutes streams. we have highly skilled engineers who are capable of building designs based on the falling film evaporator design calculation.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Ideal For Simple Processing
  • Constant Operation
  • Good For Medium Heat-sensitive Materials
  • Can Work Under Vacuum
  • Steam Economy